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In 2022 NNLRC worked with 8 adults and 6 children unable to attain permanent housing but relied on couch surfing. One family with 4 children, struggled for over 1 year & had to find homes to take the two older children in so they could attend school regularly during the school year.

Where are our homeless and what does it look like?

Where do the homeless stay?

It is not unusual to find homeless people sleeping in churches who invite friends to join them when they locate an open door. Open cars parked in semi-secluded places are often used to provide shelter from rain or snow. In summer they sleep outdoors where they find shelter or simply camp out. In the winter things become more desperate due to the cold.


Public areas such as libraries can be shelter during the day to stay warm and dry or to avoid the heat of summer and also have bathrooms and water fountains. Some gas stations have phone charging stations so they can attempt to have a way to contact limited support of friends or family.

Many homeless individuals released from jail end up couch surfing with friends- often leading to drinking and substance use. Others sleep in the woods, in vehicles, in post offices, laundromats or in back yards or parks.

What are the results of homelessness?

Homeless individuals are in physical danger and face health and emotional risks. As a result, desperation, crime, and other dangers increase alongside homelessness. Meeting the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the homeless is good for all of us, and it is the right thing to do. 

Welcoming Wisconsin Home

"Having a safe and stable home is key in not only keeping our neighbors safe and healthy, but is  also key in ensuring our states continued  economic recovery, strengthening our communities, and ensuring kids, families, and workers can be successful.

We cannot be satisfied by merely returning the homelessness situation in our great state to one of reacting to a continued crisis—we must take meaningful steps to address housing insecurity across our state to fully recover from the pandemic and to rebound better than we were before it hit."

                                                                    Governor Evers with the Interagency Council on Homelessness


Salvation Army

Through the first 6 months of 2023 the Salvation Army had a total of 23 adults and 5 children that reported they were homeless. 

Sawyer County Sheriff's Department

Over the past 3 years the Sheriff's Office fielded 46 calls in which individuals claimed to be homeless. 30 were either displaced residents or transient and traveling through the area.

Greater Hayward House of Hope

GHHOH rehabilitation ministry receives approximately 4-5 calls per month from individuals who are homeless or are facing homelessness. These calls dramatically increase from October through May. 

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