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Whether you want to volunteer in person, donate funds, or provide material needs- we welcome you as a friend to our ministry! You will enjoy the company of other folks with willing hearts for supporting the vulnerable in our Sawyer county communities.

Women Volunteers


Volunteers provide a variety of services such as food service, transportation, overnight shelter support for clients, client advocacy for referrals, spokesperson, laundry, cleaning, and serving on the board.

Charity Donations

Donate Materials

Supporting our overnight guests includes a meal, shower, and place to sleep. If you would like to help us stock the shelter to provide a safe and warm night for our guests, consider the list on the donations page.

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Financial Donations

According to the urban housing department warming shelters spend from $9,000 to $10,000 to support one shelter slot for an entire year.  $10,000 per year works out to around $27.40 per day, and when this is compared to the cost of food, estimated to be around $1.50/meal/person, then that’s another $4.50 per day = $31.90 per person/day. Also note that this could be double to cover miscellaneous costs for toiletries, bedding, water and electricity, and wages for non-volunteer shelter employees, ending at around $60/day/person.  It really does take a village and we welcome your financial support!

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Contact us today!

Help us reach out to our neighbors and get them started on their journey home!

Get to Know Us

We welcome your interest and encourage you to contact us today!  Whether it is mentoring, volunteering, partnering, donations or referrals we are ready to engage your support.

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