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Helping Hands


Volunteering at an overnight shelter can  be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can provide a sense of purpose and help to build a sense of community. It can also help to develop empathy, understanding, and compassion, while also giving the volunteer a unique insight into the issues surrounding homelessness. It is an effective way of helping some or our community's most vulnerable people. The overnight shelter exists to provide a safe space for the homeless to sleep, shower, and receive a meal.

 We are called upon just as the apostles were called upon to help "the least of these," our organization provides safe refuge for the homeless while also tending to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, leveraging faith-based values such as kindness and love within an atmosphere grounded in Christian principles.

Can You Lend a Hand?


It goes without saying that where two or three are gathered........... We know that prayer can bring about amazing results. Please consider being a prayer partner and join us regularly to pray for this ministry.


Meal teams are able to participate as much or as little as they would like! Want to double up your recipe, make one for you and one for the shelter? Great! Want to serve the meal, but not make a meal? We can make that happen! Want to drop off some sides or desserts to go along with picnic style dinners? Let’s talk!



Shelter mentors are responsible for the safety and supervision of Safe Place Warming House guests. They maintain a safe, friendly and supportive environment, monitor activities and resolve and de-escalate potential conflicts.


​Hospitality volunteers engage with the guests and assist the staff with shelter operations. Volunteers on the PM shift (5:30 to 8:30 PM) check-in guests, manage the sign-in log, monitor the shower schedule, assist with laundry, and complete other tasks as needed.


Hospitality volunteers engage with the guests and assist the staff with shelter operations. Volunteers on the AM shift (6:00 to 8:00 AM) assemble breakfast bags, take food inventory, complete remaining laundry, clean up breakfast, make up beds, and complete other tasks as needed. 


There is much to do to keep the shelter itself working well! If working with direct care is not something you are comfortable with- we need support when it comes to shelter upkeep, accessing needed supplies, office support, church champions who connect our work to their congregations and keep them updated with our events, needs and successes. Are you blessed with the gift of talking or writing? Support with media of all kinds and being a spokesperson for our cause with various community groups is also welcome. If you have a gift to share- we can find a place for you to engage with us! Contact us today!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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